Our journey began in a quaint little yellow house off of IH35 in Kyle,Texas, where passion for beauty and dedication to exceptional service sparked the foundation of our salon business. Over the years, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has propelled us to expand and evolve. Now, in our new location, we continue to provide the same warmth and personalized care that defined us from the start. From the cozy beginnings of that yellow house to our current spacious setting, our focus remains on creating a welcoming space where beauty thrives and clients feel truly pampered.

Fun fact: The K, in K's CUTTING EDGE SALON, means Kyle since we are located in Kyle, Texas.  We truly strive to be Kyle's Cutting Edge Salon by staying up to date with new trends and techniques.  . Education is a top priority to us! Our stylists are offered monthly classes & yearly hair shows as well as online learning platforms. Ever-advancing our skills, we pay close attention to your needs and maintain the highest standard of cleanliness in our salon.

                         2015                                                                        2021                                                                    2023 


K'S CUTTING EDGE SALON was established in 2015 by Kellee Wayne. The vision was, and is, to create a nurturing environment where stylists feel not just safe, but also encouraged to explore and grow as individuals and professionals. She wanted to create a supportive space, fostering creativity and individuality, allowing each stylist to flourish in their unique talents while ensuring a secure and positive atmosphere for everyone.

In addition to fostering a nurturing environment for the stylists, she wanted to extend the same philosophy to the clients. Striving to create a welcoming atmosphere where clients feel safe, valued, and appreciated.  The goal is to provide a salon experience where clients can comfortably express their preferences, enabling our stylists to cater to their individual needs and desires.  Through this mutual respect and understanding, we ensure that both our stylists and clients thrive in an atmosphere of creativity, trust, and satisfaction.

K's Cutting EdgeSalon